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A new partner in the project of Bacău Penitentiary for Minors and Young Offenders

Starting with the 30th of March 2016, Tîrgu Ocna Educative Centre has officially become a partner in the Project "Strengthening the capacity of Bacău Penitentiary for Minors and Young Offenders to Comply with the International Instruments on Human Rights", Correctional Program RO23-Correctional Services and non-custodial penalties, financed through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.


Alongside Bacău Penitentiary, Tîrgu Ocna Educative Center will be the beneficiary of the tool for the evaluation of relapse risk of minors and of the modular special assistance program, and the staff working directly with offenders in custody, will gain appropriate professional training.



Thus, between the 30th – 31st of March 2016, visits of the project management team took place at Bacău and Tîrgu Ocna Educative Center, with the participation of Norwegian partners: Mr. Knut ANDERSEN, Norwegian Academy of Staff Correctional Services - KRUS, Mr. Harald ASAUNE, Bjørgvin Penitentiary, as well as of Romanian ones: chief commissioner of prisons, Mr. Sorin DÎRȚU Bacau, Bacău Penitentiary and chief commissioner of prisons, Mr. Cezărică MĂRCUȚĂ, Tîrgu Ocna Educative Center.


The topics of discussions were focused on presenting the progress of works at young offenders section of Bacău Penitentiary, on outlining the joint activities that will be developed in partnership with Tîrgu Ocna Educative Center, as well as on drawing up to and end the objectives of the study visits in Norway and of the subsequent training sessions, which specialized staff working with minors and young offenders will take part in.



In the same context, a knowledge visit was paid at Tîrgu Ocna National School of Prison Agents, during which the activities and peculiarities of the didactic process applied in the training of penitentiary staff were highlighted, as well as the process of initial selection and training.