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Training course for creating a human ecological detention system

On the 10th and 11th of March 2015, in the "Constantin Gavenea" meeting room of Hotel Delta from Tulcea, there was held a training course, based on principles of human ecology, for the Romanian prison officers with management positions. The training took place within the project "Setting-up an eco-reintegration mechanism for inmates", in which the Romanian Prison Administration is the Project Promoter and the Ministry of Justice is the Program Operator.

This course was held in two sessions (in October 2014 and in March 2015) and there were involved 50 prison governors and senior management personnel from Romanian prison units.

The course was led by Mr. Arne Nilsen Kvernvik, the former governor of the Bastøy Prison (the first prison in the world which was developed on principles of human ecology), who is currently the representative of the Norwegian partner Kriminalomsorgen Sør-Region (South Region Penitentiary Services, Norway).

The main topics that were addressed within the training included detailing the concept of ecological detention system that is mainly focused on the empowerment and involvement of the detainees in the community affairs, on the role of the ecological prison system in improving the relationships between the detainees and the society, as well as on the results after the application of this system  in terms of increased opportunities for social reintegration of detainees and former detainees and reduced recidivism rate.

During this workshop, participants learnt about a pilot-project, which is an activity of the same project "Setting-up an eco-reintegration mechanism for inmates", which will be developed on Tataru bank ridge, which belongs to Tulcea Penitentiary-Chilia Sector, and involves the construction of a set of 5 ecological houses and the development of workshops where the detainees will be trained for jobs related to eco-construction and traditional crafts. Moreover, it was discussed the possibility to replicate the pilot-project and to adapt the principles of human ecological prison system in the whole Romanian prison system.


The project is funded by a Norwegian grant through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009 - 2014, under the RO23 programme - Correctional services, including non-custodial sanctions, and it is implemented in the period June 2014 - April 2016 by the Romanian Prison Administration in partnership with Kriminalomsorgen-Region Sør (South Region Penitentiary Services, Norway), Tulcea Prison, and the Consortium made by Ivan Patzaichin - Mila 23 Association and  Romano ButiQ Association.