Setting up an eco-reintegration mechanism for inmates

Project supported by a grant from Norway

Programme Area 23 – Correctional Services, including Non-custodial Sanctions

Project purpose: Strengthening the capacity of the penitentiary system to facilitate the reintegration process of the ex-inmates through improving their competences by benefitting of training in eco-construction and traditional crafts and through raising the public awareness regarding the necessity of society's involvement at large to ensure the reintegration of ex-inmates.

Budget: 580.320 Euro

Period: June 2014 - April 2016

Target group: detainees (Roma inmates will be given priority in the selection process and it is expected that they will be more than 50% of vulnerable target group), prison staff, public authorities, civil society, cultural institutions.



Component 1: Inmates trained in eco-construction and traditional crafts


  • 100 inmates trained in eco-construction and traditional crafts;
  • 2 members of the prison staff at the Tulcea Prison – Chilia section trained as qualified and certified trainers in eco-constructions;
  • 5 eco-houses built to be used as crafts workshops and for organizing events;


Component 2: Prison staff trained for creating and implementing a human ecology detention system


  • 50 prison employees (with leading positions in the prison system) trained in implementing the concept of human ecology;
  • 1 study visit in Norway;


Component 3: Increased awareness and involvement of the society as regards the social reintegration of inmates and ex-inmates


  • 5 awareness events organised;
  • a awareness plan and a communication strategy developed;
  • Partnerships with the representatives of the society/other stakeholders developed.