• Kriminalomsorgen-Region Sør (Norwegian Correctional Services-South Regional Office)

Bastøy Penitentiary, which is subordinated to the Kriminalomsorgen-Region Sør, located at 70 km from the capital, Oslo, on the Bastøy Island, is the first penitentiary in the world that works upon ecological principles.

The core values that this penitentiary is based upon led to the initiation of our project that it will be developed at Chilia, part of Tulcea Penitentiary.

At Bastøy, the inmates are selected from the Norwegian penitentiary system, regardless of the type of the punishment, and live in regular houses, they consume what is being produced in the prison ecological farms. The principles that keep the penitentiary working are the ones of a therapeutic community that has the role of empowering the inmates in developing good communication relations and respect for the peers and for the environment. Bastøy Penitentiary has one of the lowest cost for maintenance and the lowest relapse rate from the whole Norwegian prison system.

Kriminalomsorgen, Region Sør, Postboks 2166, 3103 Tønsberg, Norway



  • Tulcea Penitentiary

Tulcea Penitentiary is the main beneficiary of this financing through the training of 100 of its inmates in eco-constructions and traditional crafts and the building of the 5 eco-houses. Moreover, Tulcea Penitentiary will be involved in the awareness events organized in Chilia sector. In order to ensure meeting the indicators of the project, especially related to the vulnerable target group, Tulcea Penitentiary will ensure the transfer of the detainees from other Romanian penitentiaries. Chilia and Tataru sectors, where the training and building will take place, are parts of Tulcea Penitentiary and they work under the same directorate.

Tulcea Penitentiary, 142 Babadag Street, Tulcea, Tulcea County, Romania



  • The consortium between Ivan Patzaichin-Mila 23 Association and Romano ButiQ Association

Ivan Patzaichin–Mila 23 Association develops social entrepreneurship programs, sustainable development programs in protected natural areas, campaigns for rowing and ecotourism products suitable for the Danube Delta and its inhabitants. The Association's objectives are:

• to implement ecotourism projects and programs for a fulfilling outdoor experience;

• to create programs and strategies bound to improving the quality of life and enhancing development opportunities for communities in protected areas;

• to protect, promote and support the development of the natural, historical, archaeological and multicultural heritage

Ivan Patzaichin–Mila 23 Association will carry out its responsibilities and tasks in partnership with Romano ButiQ Association. Romano ButiQ Association was established in 2011 in order to promote non-discrimination in the conduct of cultural and educational activities. The Association was founded out of the need to present realistic Roma community and create space where people discover experimental value that community members bring to society beyond the negative stereotype or the victim paradigm.

The Association's objectives are to study, cultivate, develop and promote in the country and abroad, cultural and artistic heritage of vulnerable communities, multicultural and ethnic diverse. The Association targets mainly the Roma community in Romania, and other persons at risk of discrimination or social exclusion. Romano ButiQ is currently implementing DeltActiv (an integrated program targeting long-time unemployed people, with a focus on isolated and underprivileged groups of Delta's residents, including youth, women, Roma). 

Ivan Patzaichin-Mila 23 Association

ARK building, 150 Uranus street, 5th District, Bucharest, Romania, 050908



Romano ButiQ Association

101-125 Drumul Sabareni, 6th District, Bucharest, Romania,  060646