Bredtveit prison and detention institution has 64 female inmates and is the largest women's prison in Norway. The prison has a high focus on rehabilitation and reintegration after serving time. The prison has branches with higher and lower security based on progressive sentence planning. Several organizations come to prison and offer work and substance abuse treatment for inmates. All inmates have a prison officer responsible for developing future plans as well as environmental activities.

The Gherla prison is a maximum security penitentiary and has in custody the following categories of detainees (approx. 909 male and 187 female):

  • persons on remand, male and female, youngsters and minors;
  • Convicted persons, male and female.
The Gherla maximum security penitentiary is the main beneficiary of this financing and will be involved directly in the rehabilitation and appropriate equipment of the therapeutic community. Moreover, the Gherla penitentiary will be involved in developing and mostly implementing the clinic protocols and programs, as deliverables of the project. The vulnerable target group of the project are in Gherla penitentiary custody. Also, most of the trained prison staff is from this penitentiary and they will implement the protocols within the therapeutic community.